Premium Cannabis Pre-Rolls

You deserve better.

At HARTS, cannabis pre-rolls are all we do. Using 100% flower that’s harvested from top strains by experienced cultivators, they are perfectly rolled using modern technology for consistency and quality across every pack.

About Us

HARTS was founded with one goal – to supply affordable and consistent cannabis pre-rolls filled with nothing but full-flavoured flower. Too often, our team of cannabisloving founders were let down by the varying quality and random strains of pre-rolls that were available in the wider marketplace. They made it their mission to raise the bar, and launched a brand to create convenient, flavourful pre-rolls.


We supply artful blends of premium quality cannabis in a convenient pre-roll format, delivering consistency and flavour at a competitive price.

Convenient cannabis, exceptional experience.

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A premium pre-roll experience.

Made with nothing but 100% fresh, full-flavoured flower. Using state of the art technology, they are machine-rolled to ensure consistency and quality.

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February 13, 2022

Jewelry, perfume, and chocolates are no longer the only things associated with Valentine’s Day. The cannabis industry is growing faster than it has ever before. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some Harts slim pre-rolls. 

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