Frequently Asked Questions

HARTS has a dedicated procurement team that searches the market for the best available cultivars. We work with experienced producers and cultivators across North America’s licensed cannabis industry to source carefully curated, premium cannabis strains for all of our products. Currently, the flower in our Harts pre-rolls is sourced from British Columbia.

HARTS exercises the highest possible sourcing standards for every pre-roll. We test each chosen cultivar for optimal potency and flavour. All of our cannabis is 100% fresh, never frozen, and machine rolled as close as possible to the harvest date. We will never use cannabis more than a few months old.

Every HARTS pre-roll is machine rolled using slow burning paper for a clean, consistent experience.

HARTS wants your preroll experience to look good and do good, in every way. Thanks to its premium biofilter, our pre-rolls are 100% biodegradable. The carton used for our beautifully designed packaging is 100% recyclable.

HARTS only sources known strains that buyers seek out. Our ambition is to offer a wide variety of THC and CBD pre-rolls to the market.
Of our currently available strains, Biscotti Gushers is 60% indica, while also expressing traits from its sativa lineage. Pink Gas is more indica-dominant at 80%

Our production facility’s state of the art technology preserves the integrity of fresh flower in every HARTS pre-roll by grinding and rolling in the same process, with equipment specifically designed to handle the stickiness of fresh cannabis.

At HARTS, pre-rolls are all we do. That’s why you can bet on us to deliver an exceptional pre-roll experience, every time.