How Machine Rolled Joints Can Change Your Smoking Experience

Rolling joints has been part of the cannabis experience since the beginning. While many cannabis enthusiasts have been able to become proficient at the craft this is not true for all – especially those that are newcomers to cannabis. This can create a natural barrier for people to partake in this method of using cannabis. That’s where machine-rolled joints come in.

Advantages of Machine-rolled joints


Consistency of Machine-rolled Joints

Currently, the term handmade is synonymously used with premium, but there is one issue: inconsistency. While there are no doubt benefits of hand-rolled joints, you gamble with producing a consistently packed joint. Machine-rolled joints are made with machinery that is finely tuned to produce a premium end product each and every time. This means a better and more consistent smoke. When partaking you know exactly how much flower you are smoking, the strength, and how long you can expect to feel the effects. With hand-rolled joints this can vary wildly in strength and quality.


Machine-rolled Pre-rolls are Easy to Use

Pre-rolled joints are also easier and quicker to use. Instead of spending time rolling your joint just right you can simply pick the strain of your choosing and begin smoking. All that is required is a lighter and the pre rolled pack of your favorite strain. Choose from premium cannabis strains Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.


What You Need When You Need it

One of the many benefits of pre-rolled joints, particularly slim format joints for that matter is the reduction in paraphernalia needed. When hand rolling joints you need a collection of paraphernalia including rolling papers, flower, wind grinders, etc. this is a lot of supplies to use let alone carry around. Forget one of these items and you either can’t smoke at all or the quality of your joint suffers. With machine rolled joints you only take with you what you need.


Get HARTS Get a Better Smoke

HARTS pre-rolls offer a better smoke due to their superior rolling techniques used with their machinery giving a more consistent pack and roll. This results in a more even burn and precisely tuned experience This means you get a predictable effect each and every time you smoke a HARTS pre-roll so you won’t have to worry about not getting the desired effects.

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