Naughty Or Nice Holiday

The forecast this holiday season may be calling for a “Green Christmas!” This is according to a national survey recently conducted by Pollfish for Jushi Holdings Inc.’s “Cannabis Consumer Insights Holiday” poll, which found that 76% of cannabis consumers plan to give cannabis or cannabis related products as gifts this year. The survey polled users 21 years and older where cannabis is legalized, and suggests a continuing trend in mainstream adoption and acceptance of the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. So grab your milk and cookies, find a pen or pencil, start making a list (and don’t forget to check it twice)!

Naughty Or Nice? 76% of Cannabis Consumers Plan to Give Cannabis as Gifts This Holiday Season


Here’s how cannabis connoisseurs are shopping for their friends and family this holiday season.


Strengths & Price & Everything Nice

What is leading the sleigh for cannabis enthusiasts’ Secret Santa list this year? When poll respondents were asked to rank the two most important factors when selecting a cannabis product, unsurprisingly, THC levels and price came out on top, with 50% and 49% of the vote respectively. When asked about their cannabis products of choice, flower and pre-rolls topped Santa’s list, followed by edibles and vapes. The poll also found that specific strains, and the brand of the cannabis product, are either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ factors in deciding on their purchase.


Where to Shop? (Hint: You Don’t Have to Visit the North Pole)

With legalization and increased mainstream adoption, consumers not only have a much wider variety of cannabis products to choose from—they also have more ways to shop. When asked “how do you typically shop for cannabis,” 58% of respondents chose to shop in-store at a reputable dispensary, where educated budtenders can assist in their decision making. The effect that COVID-19 has had on consumer shopping behaviours is still a factor, with 27% choosing to shop online for express or curbside pickup—while 16% would opt for the convenience of purchasing online for home delivery. Whether you’re shopping in-store, or online, new and educated consumers alike feel more at ease and confident in the quality of their purchases than ever before.


Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Is there anyone on your list waking up to a pack of HARTS cannabis pre-rolls under the Christmas tree this year? Whether you’re buying cannabis for recreational use, or simply purchasing topical CBD products for mom or dad’s aching joints, one thing is certain—cannabis products are quickly becoming a stocking stuffer favourite during holiday season. So gather under the mistletoe, be merry—and use responsibly. Happy holidays!

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